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  1. Looking for a new pap baby. Lost my Alexus 3 months ago and ready to be loving on a new baby . I live in California but up in Medford visiting my sons and grandchildren

  2. Hi Linda, unfortunately, I wont be doing another breeding for about a year.
    Good luck in your search.
    Kathy Hinds

  3. I fell in love with papillons years ago. I miss Frankie snd eould love to adopt another one. I think they would be a great therapy dog for my new home in Oregon.

  4. Good morning Charolette-
    Welcome to Oregon! What part of Oregon have you settled?
    I just did a breeding and will hopefully have puppies around October 26th! Puppies will ge tri colored.. Because they are small, I won’t let them go home until 12 weeks of age.
    Both parents have cleared all health testings: vWD, PAP-PRA, Patellas, Heart, CFVII, NADS and CERF. I will be happy to email you all test results.
    I sell my puppies for $1800. Unless you would be interested in a show prospect, they are sold on a Limited AKC Registration and spay/neuter contract.
    I haven’t had a litter for a couple of years and DESPERATELY need to work on my website! I’d be happy to email you pictures of the parents.❤

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